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We can tell you how kind and caring Dr. Delmont is, and what superb quality of work he does. However, hearing it from us just isn’t the same as hearing it from other patients. What are Dr. Delmont’s patients saying about him?

I have been a patient of Dr. Delmont for almost 20 years. I can always count on his great attention to detail and demand for perfection. This quality keeps me returning to Dr. Delmont’s practice simply because I know he will ensure that I am completely satisfied with the results, time and time again. I moved to New York a couple years ago but always come back to Dr. Delmont for my dental appointments. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my teeth

Peter G., New York

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Delmont since the very beginning of his career. We went to school together at the University of Tennessee. I remember having a bad experience with another dentist and oral anesthesia. I thought, “I’m not going to him again!” Soon after, I had an appointment with Dr. Delmont and have not gone to another Dentist since. I always feel welcome and comfortable in Dr. Delmont’s office. I can count on a friendly conversation! It’s refreshing when a professional strives to create relationships with their patients, instead of considering them as “just another set of teeth.” After my appointments, I always receive a care call from the Doctor, making sure everything is in order and that I am feeling OK. If you want a trustworthy, friendly, and caring practice, Dr. Delmont is the Dentist for you!

Ralph F, Los Angeles

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Delmont for over 10 years and he is a fantastic dentist. Everyone in the office is knowledgeable, friendly, and very professional. The office is always clean and they have some cool state-of- the-art equipment which makes going to the dentist painless. I didn’t used to like going to the dentist but since I’ve been going to Dr. Delmont, my attitude has changed. All of the dental hygienists are gentle and take their time and they never complain about my coffee-stained teeth! The office has great bleaching products too so I can drink all the coffee I want and not worry. Check out Dr. Delmont and his staff – you’ll be glad you did!

C. Johnson, Los Angeles

I receive compliments on my smile every day. The staff at Dr. Delmont is extremely friendly and actually say “hello” when I walk in the door. The office is clean, fun, and I always feel comfortable when I am in the chair. I absolutely recommend the zoom procedure for bleaching. The office also has the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in a dentist office. Very professional.


Dr. Delmont completely restored my mouth and repaired 10 year old fillings that were cracking and causing infection. His attention to the science behind his practice is what made me feel most safe…Insuring the work for 10 years. He and his amazing staff were beyond patient with my “issues” of nerves and bad experiences with dentists in the past – and for the first time in 28 years I can say that I am so proud to smile. I show everyone the white teeth I now have – versus a mouth full of metal. Thank you guys so much. Dr. Delmont is the best Los Angeles has to offer – believe me I did my research. 🙂

Andrew D. Los Angeles, CA

I tend to avoid the dentist as often as I can. I’ve never been thrilled to see a dentist nor have I ever been completely satisfied. That is until my recent visit with Dr. Delmont and his amazing staff. They made me feel at ease and were completely professional during my visit. My smile is bigger, my teeth are shining, and I look forward to many more visits with Dr. Delmont!

Derek D

My physician recommended Dr. Delmont after I saw an incompetent dentist. Dr. Delmont is obsessed with your teeth and their correct treatment. The quality of care, attention to detail, and enthusiasm on the part of both Dr. Delmont and his entire staff had a significant effect on me. I changed from knowing and caring little about my mouth to wanting to learn more and to focus on oral hygiene. I told Dr. Delmont I hadn’t been to a dentist for many years before seeing the other one recently, and you might think I would’ve gotten a lecture, given Dr. Delmont’s attitude about teeth. But I did not. Instead, he showed me what was going on with every tooth in my mouth, and his knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious. I feel like I have a dentist for life and even a new friend. His staff is equally fantastic. And I’m smiling a lot more now that my teeth are looking better and better.

David B.

As a medical professional, I know what great patient care is all about. Dr. Delmont’s office is clean, well organized, comfortable and his staff is courteous and knowledgeable. While other dentists seem out of touch with patients, Dr. Delmont speaks to patients on an approachable level and understands patient needs. I would recommend Dr. Delmont to other patients and I will definitely be returning. I consistently get compliments on my teeth now.

Shane F.

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