Customer Reviews

We can tell you how kind and caring Dr. Delmont is, and what superb quality of work he does. However, hearing it from us just isn’t the same as hearing it from other patients. What are Dr. Delmont’s patients saying about him?

Kevin Smith
Kevin S.
00:37 13 Aug 19
The most enjoyable dentist appointment I've ever had! I spent literally less than 5 minutes in the waiting room before being seen. Also, I have super sensitive gums and teeth and the dentist took extra care in making sure the entire visit was painless. The office is super clean and the staff is very friendly. Highly recommended!
Lisa Zuniga
Lisa Z.
03:08 05 Aug 19
Short wait time, friendly staff. Clean waiting room. Highly recommend!
Yeny Garcia
Yeny G.
18:54 14 Mar 18
Loretta Hankins
Loretta H.
19:46 23 Feb 18
Dr. Delmont just wanted to let you know I'm smiling like crazy, you havedone such a great job. I feel like myself again, laughing and confident. I never thought I would have such amazing results, and I am over the moon about it!
Benjamin Tom
Benjamin T.
20:35 06 Feb 18
I stumbled across Dr. Delmont after getting referred from a close friend. Since I was in need of some services, I checked him out and was pleasantly surprised with the end result. I was in and out in no time at all. Quick and painless procedure that did the job. Thanks Doc.
janeth gonzales
janeth G.
14:55 26 Sep 17