Dentures West Hollywood

Your smile is important to your health, relationships, lifestyle, and confidence. Loosing many or all of your natural teeth can be emotionally devastating, and eliminate most foods from your diet. Although this problem is less prevalent than it was historically, tooth loss is still an unfortunately common problem. Dentures have long been the solution of choice. Thanks to advances in technology and dental materials, today’s dentures are beautiful, comfortable, and functional. As always, Dr. Michael Delmont offers the best of the best.

Dentures West Hollywood Q&A

Partial dentures

When some, but not all, teeth are missing, partials may be the solution. They are removable appliances, designed to fit around existing teeth. Dental bridges are permanently attached, and therefore more stable. This is especially true of implant-supported bridges. However, some people prefer partial dentures because they are faster than implants, and do not require existing teeth to be crowned, as bridges do. They are also a popular temporary solution for patients who are undecided about a permanent restoration.

Full dentures

A full denture plate is what you probably imagine when you hear the word dentures. They replace all of the teeth in an arch. Upper plates cover the roof of your mouth, and lowers are shaped like a horseshoe to fit around your tongue. Traditionally, they are designed to be snug fitting, which creates suction against your gums, holding the denture in place. Adhesive is available if suction alone is insufficient.

Today we can also offer the option of implant supported dentures. They look like traditional full dentures, except they are typically smaller. Because suction is unnecessary, they do not need to cover as much gum tissue or the roof of your mouth. Dentures may be fitted with attachments that snap over implants, or be permanently attached.

Cosmetic dentures

You may think of dentures as bulky and uncomfortable with an unnatural appearance. However, today’s gorgeous dental materials and precision fabrication technology can create dentures that fit to a perfection and look just like a flawless natural smile. Dr. Michael Delmont has the training, experience, and artistic eye to design the smile of your dreams. He is also committed to preserving your oral health, so he is always mindful of your comfort.

You deserve to love your smile. If you have been living with ill-fitting, unattractive dentures, or missing teeth, call (310) 652-7742 and schedule an appointment at Delmont Dentistry today.