Porcelain crowns from your West Hollywood dentist give super tooth protection without detection

Gold or silver is eye-catching when worn on your hand or draped around your neck. However, with today’s trend toward natural-looking cosmetic dentistry, these same precious metals lose their allure when seen inside of your mouth. Esthetically and health-wise, patients are demanding more realistic and natural tooth-like materials for substantial dental work including crowns.

Gay-Friendly dentist at Cedars Sinai Medical Center uses dental bonding for minor flaws

Dental bonding is one of the best options available to correct minor tooth flaws. It is also a very effective method to close wide gaps between teeth or to reshape a tooth, adding length or straightening a slightly crooked tooth. An added benefit of dental bonding is that it can be conveniently completed in a single office visit to Delmont Dentistry in the Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Medical Center complex.